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March 14, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Wood Duck Call By Jase Robertson!

Wood Duck Call Demonstrated By Jase Robertson Three Different Levels!

This video demonstrate’s that one call can do three different sounds to bring the duck in to where you are. He will demonstrate each sound level to give you a good idea how it can be done.

Wood ducks, or squealers as they are often called, and are very widespread throughout the US. As a matter of fact, they sometimes are the only duck hunting that waterfowlers have access to in their local areas.

Wood ducks have certain travel routes they take day after day which take them between their roosting and feeding areas. Hunting them the best way is to set up for an evening hunt in the area between feeding and roosting. Wood ducks prefer direct flight paths to and from wherever they happen to be going.  Morning hunts, you are better off ambushing their feeding area.

Wood ducks are susceptible to a good decoy set up. A mixed bag of decoys works well. Unpressured birds will drop right in without second thoughts. Making it as real looking as possible is best.

While you may not ever get wood ducks to respond as well as mallards to a call, the proper techniques of calling them can open up a whole new way of hunting wood ducks.





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