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Are You A Waterfowl Hunting Beginner?

Is This Your Year!  Start Here Waterfowl Hunting Beginners -You Need These Tips!

Everyone has to start somewhere, and we all needed help when we started waterfowl hunting.  Some of us had mentors that took us under there wing so to speak.  There are a lot more that are out there on their own and have to figure it all out by themselves.

This is a great bunch of basic information that you all should know.  It’s not over board but little things that are important.

Making a good shot is one of the best feeling when you start your waterfowl hunting.  Shooting is everything once all the preliminary work is done.  Making a clean kill gives you immediate exhilaration of a job well done.

Good shooting is a skill that is accomplished by having good coaching if you can get it, plus lots of practice. One important thing for your shooting is to make sure that your shotgun fits you so it feels natural and comfortable.  Start your practicing long before the season starts so you get a good feel to handling your gun. Take your time to begin with and focus on hitting your target, speed will come later.

Know your Waterfowl CLICK HERE to check out the guide books

waterfowl hunting tips

waterfowl hunting tips

waterfowl hunting tips

waterfowl hunting tips

Check out this short informative video it will help anyone who is beginning.

Waterfowl Hunting Tips for Beginners preparing for Goose and Duck Season

Video by: Total Outdoor Programming 

Learning how to call here are some tapes that will help with that.

Primos Mastering The Art Duck Pack Call

Primos Mastering The Art Goose Pack Call


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