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July 24, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Waterfowl Hunting Abnormal Weather!

Waterfowl Hunting And The Effects Weather Has On It!!

Waterfowl hunting in abnormally warm weather is just another challenge in the already challenging conditions of finding and having a good duck or goose hunt in any weather condition.

With the unstable weather patterns, the implications on the waterfowl can be quite dramatic.  The warm weather  kind of stalls the migration and has been known to effect all the birds.

El Nino what is it exactly well the El Nino weather pattern the jet stream remains more horizontal along the Canada and United States border and is less subject to the wild dips and curves of clipper systems that fuel the annual waterfowl migration.

Another definition of El Nino from the dictionary :

  • A climatic event occurring every two to seven years, characterized by warming of surface waters and reduced up welling of cold, nutrient-rich water off the western coast of South America, causing die-offs of plankton and fish and influencing jet stream winds, altering storm track sand affecting the climate over much of the world.
  • top: normal water temperatures, with warm water concentrated in the western tropicalPacific
  • bottom: El Niño conditions, with warm water extending from the western tropical Pacific to the eastern Pacific

El Nino years usually have more rain in the Pacific Flyways, keeping the Prairie Pothole Region unseasonably tepid. So what that does is have a good effect on the Atlantic flyway because migrating birds ride the flat jet stream east. So we loose a lot of birds that would normally come our way.

Because of the added drought in California the Fish and Wildlife biologists  found that the duck population is down around 30 percent.  Mallards the most abundant resident bird is down more them 50%.

So all in all it means that you will be doing more scouting to find birds there may be less then expected and even then they may change their habits to make it harder to figure them out.


Waterfowl Hunting in abnormal weather

Waterfowl Hunting in abnormally warm weather

waterfowl hunting in El Nino

Waterfowl hunting


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