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January 21, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Video-Duck Hunting Arkansas!

 Making Lots Of Memories On Their Duck Hunting Trip!

Weather to begin with wasn’t the best for their first day of duck hunting, here’s hoping for better weather the longer the hunt goes on.

The next day hunting the weather did play into their favour. And the hunt just got better and better.

They are having a fantastic shoot, lots of calling , lots of shooting. Their duck hunting is pretty much a picture book of greatness.

Even though the weather is cold it is still beautiful,  just have to dress up for the conditions.

Duck hunting in Arkansas is some of the most premier hunting especially in the south.  They not only hunt in the rivers but they have rice, soybean , corn and millet fields.  They use skid blinds, pit blinds and layout blinds all placed strategically to blend in with the surrounding areas.

There is lots of hunting done on both private land and state managed land. There are also around 2 million migrating waterfowl that call Arkansas home each winter.




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