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Duck Hunting Must Have Equipment!

January 27, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Video-Duck Hunters Dedication!

It’s Snowy, Cold And Wet But They Are Totally Dedicated To Their Duck Hunting!

Coffee lids and Machetes talking pet peeves while they are getting their area ready for their ice cold duck hunt.

They came prepared which is a great idea. Small stove to cook a nice warm pot of soup before they continue on their way.

That is a great idea if you do decide to go hunting in the extreme cold.  Make sure that you take some equipment that you can use to keep the chill’s away.

There are lots of reasons for and against hunting in the ice. The cons it can wreck equipment and can be detrimental to the dogs who are retrieving the birds.  The pros are that the ice can bring some of the best hunting of the season.  The birds are easier to access and they can be more predictable.

Where you go and how you set up can be different then if there is no ice to have to contend with.  You have to go where the water will stay open and the birds will keep coming in to. You may have to take some tactics to keep the water open. A motor boat with its motor running will  open up and muddy up the waters as long as the ice isn’t to thick.  It will give you a chance to set up your decoy’s  and see what happens.

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Check out these dedicated duck hunters!

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