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July 18, 2015 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Tricks For River Duck Hunting !

Duck Hunting Tips and Tactics For On The Rivers

Great tips , when you are thinking of going duck hunting you can use all the tips you can get.

River Duck hunting can be the hardest of them all. You have a lot to think about and have to keep you wits about you. You have to make sure you can reach you duck after you shoot it.

Its also important to make sure you have safety gear , life jacket etc.

These are some great tips and tactics…

Tips and Tactics for Duck Hunting Rivers

Need some duck hunting elbow room? Head to a river near you.

Are you tired of fighting for space on classic duck hunting water?

There’s a place where you can find plenty of birds without a crowd of hunters. What’s more, access is open to the public, as long as you can launch a boat, or float a canoe or kayak. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. Head to a river.

While not usually thought of as productive duck hunting destinations, rivers have everything ducks need: water, current-free loafing areas, and light-to-nonexistent hunting pressure.
So how do you adapt your waterfowl hunting approach for success on a river?

Four Setups 

The main and most obvious difference between water in a river and water in a lake or marsh is that most river water moves. The key to persuading river ducks to set their wings and drop in to your setup is finding water that is moving very little or not at all.


Five Tips

Hunting river habitat can be very different from hunting your favorite marsh. The following suggestions will help you .

1) Mix your decoys
Rivers are known for producing bags with a potpourri of species—a mallard here, a wood duck there, pintails and wigeon, even divers. Add more variety to your decoy spread

2) Be ready for fast action
Rivers usually don’t offer wide-open spaces for hunters to watch a flock of ducks work the corners. Stay alert and be ready to shoot.

3) Don’t give up after an hour
Some of the best river duck hunting happens toward midmorning .

4) Haul layout blinds
Hiding cover can be in short supply on rivers—especially in the prairie states and the West. Bringing along layout blinds allows you to set up right where you need to .

5) Keep a vessel ready for retrieves
Have a boat ready to rev up, or a canoe or kayak close at hand, in case a duck falls in fast-moving water.

Article by: Tom Carpenter

Photo’s by : Denver Bryan

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