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Top New Shotguns For 2016 !!

Here Are The Top 9 New Shotguns For This Past Year To Check Out !!

I found this list of the Top New shotguns for 2016 .  There are some great new ones for you to check out and see what you think.

Great new look for the up and coming hunting season for 2017.

Shotguns are a very versatile gun.  They can be used in many different hunting situations. Waterfowl hunting is the most popular use of the shotgun, but there are other animals that are hunted with shotguns.  Rabbits, grouse, turkeys and squirrels are just some of them.

There is also a group of people that use their shotguns for fun, there is Sheet shooting that can get very competitive, lots of competitions are done all over the country. Skeet shooting takes a high and low clay targets shot out at the same time. Trap shooting is when a single clay target its shot out for you to shoot. Skeet shooting is a bit more of a challenge.

You can practice at the range to get your gun sighted in and get to know the patterns of your shot. That is important too.

The List consists of these 9:

The list came from the Daily Caller by Jon Draper

  1. Browning Cynergy Ultimate Turkey Gun
  2. Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen
  3. TriStar Cobra Mag Pump
  4. Mossberg 930, 935 Magnum Pro-Series Waterfowl
  5. Stoeger P3000 Pump
  6. Franchi Affinity and Instinct Catalyst
  7. Benelli Ethos 28 Gauge
  8. Stevens S1200
  9. Weatherby Element Synthetic

Here is pictures of some of them:

shotguns shotguns new shotguns new shotguns new shotguns new shotguns

Keeping your shotgun clean is an important aspect to having a good hunt, practice or competition.  You have to do it religiously.

Here is a great cleaning kit for you two for the price of one…

Real Avid Gun Boss Shotgun Cleaning Kit – for 12 and 20 Gauge Shotguns

Targets are important here are some:

Shotgun Patterning Trouble Shooter – Paper Gun Range Shooting Targets 25 x 38 Inches (25 pack)

Now you are ready to get going for the next season of fun.

Happy Practicing even if you hate that word…

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