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Tricks For River Duck Hunting !

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Tips For Kayak Hunting !

Duck Hunting With Sleek Little Boats : Kayak’s

Kayak’s and other smaller boats are very good for getting around on shallow water’s and other places that ducks like to inhabit .  This article has many little tips to get the best out of your hunt.

Sometimes a boat is your only successful way of Duck Hunting.

Just make sure you are boating smart and always wear you protective floating device. You can get some now that you don’t even know you are wearing one. They are not a bit bulky and uncomfortable.

Very informative article for everyone to read…

Waterfowler’s Notebook: Kayaking for Waterfowl

These sleek little boats can get you into places that are inaccessible to other hunters

Here’s a plan for waterfowling success: Go where other hunters can’t go, and find birds that other hunters can’t hunt. What better craft than a kayak to help you put this plan into action? Kayaks are lightweight, portable, stable, and maneuverable, which makes them ideal for paddling into marshes, potholes, swamps, and other remote waters where ducks abound and competition for them is scarce.

“A kayak can get you into places you can’t access in a regular duck boat.”  “And shooting from a kayak can be a lot more comfortable than standing waist-deep in cold water.

Several companies offer kayaks and similar one-man boats that can be used for waterfowl hunting.You can customize one of these craft yourself with a camouflage paint job and hunting accessories.

Another option for waterfowlers is the Poke Boat, which comes with a flatter bottom, wider beam, and considerably less weight than a standard kayak.

“The Poke Boat is more stable afloat than regular kayaks and canoes . And it’s unbelievably tough. You can load one with decoys and gear, then drag it behind a four-wheeler across a dry field to get to water without damaging it.

The Poke Boat is made of aircraft-quality fiberglass cloth and resins that combine to make it highly durable and lightweight. You can carry it like a suitcase.

I’ve owned and hunted from a Poke Boat for more than 20 years. I’ve float-hunted creeks in it. I’ve paddled into backwaters when a river near my home flooded and the ducks poured in. I’ve even used it as a layout boat in flooded rice fields by covering it with stubble and reclining in it as I waited for the ducks.

My Poke Boat has been the ticket to some of my best and most exciting waterfowling adventures.  And always carry a life vest for safety’s sake.

Most waterfowlers who try kayak hunting fall in love with it and are hesitant to return to the noisy boats, big blinds, and sizable decoy spreads they used in the past. “It’s really amazing where a kayak can take you,” You can launch it virtually anywhere and access some really far-back places. You can paddle into beaver ponds, oxbow lakes, and flooded timber, where all you have to do is put out a few decoys.

Article / Photo  by : Wade Bourne

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