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The Best Hunting Knives!

Everyone Needs A Great Hunting Knife-Check Out 20 Of The Best!!

Nothing is more maddening then having  bad knives for any reason. Dull knives are another pet peeve of mine.  I like one that you can keep a decent sharpness on.

This list was compiled by David E. Petzal pictures taken by Nate Matthews and Published in the Field and Stream Magazine.

There are hundreds of knives out there on the market and they have picked a few of the ones that they feel are the best.  I know everyone has their favorite but there are new and more modern designs coming up all the time.  You never know you may find something you may like better or you may even find your knife on the list.  How cool would that be.

As I go through each of these knives I have seen many that I have had still have and some that my father had.  He had a guiding area for big game and a trap line so many of these different knives played a big roll in the work that we did.

Very interesting list!!

The 20 Best Knives Ever Made

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