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Shotgun Cleaning Lesson!

Shotgun Cleaning Made Easy!

Keeping your shotgun clean is very important to having a good shot. Like any other tools that you use when they are clean they operate a whole lot better and safer. Some of the reasons to keep your gun clean are after shooting there is always a residue that is left behind from the shells.  The residue comes from the powder, wad and bullets.  Then there is moisture from the weather.  All is a recipe for malfuntions.

If you do regular maintenance and cleaning it gives your gun the ability to last for years.  I have a shotgun that I use for over 45 years and it still is doing a great job.

Simply cleaning and storing properly can preserve your gun for a long time.  Don’t forget to properly look after the outside of the gun also. Waxing the stock can keep the wood in good condition as well.

Learning how to take your gun apart, clean it and put it back together also helps you learn how your gun works.  You will find that to much lubricant can create a build up of dirt so you have to be careful to make sure that this condition does not happen to your firearm. Having rust in the barrel or a build up of dirt could create a accident looking for a place to happen.  So you have to be diligent in making sure that all the condition.

shotgun cleaning

shotgun cleaning

shotgun cleaning

Check out this video it is a great visual on how to correctly and efficiently clean your gun…

Shotgun Cleaning for New Gun Owners.

This not only applies to new gun owners it also applies to anyone who regularly shoots their shotgun…

Video by: Pioneerjohnmilandred

Here is a link to a 12G Shotgun cleaning kit

SHAREWIN 12G Shotgun Cleaning Kit For Hunting

Here is the link to a bunch of other Firearms cleaning kits.

You can pick and choose which is the right one to fit the firearm that you use.

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