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Duck Hunting Necessities!

June 7, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Preparing Your Dog For Duck Hunting Season

Duck Hunting Refresher Course For Your Dog!

Duck Hunting season is soon upon us so it is time to give your dog a refresher course in the art of fetching the ducks. It is important that they get used to the routine that they were accustomed to the previous year.

You can do land and water training so they become familiar with the different places that you may be taking them.

Take them in the boat and get them used to their boat etiquette, you do not want a dog who is fusing around in the boat.  They also need to get used to wearing a life preserver.

Use your call when you are giving them their refresher course so that they get used to the sounds and can remain calm the same as when you shot around them. When shooting you want the dog to remain calm. Have a dummy duck for it to retrieve after this scenario.

Well hopefully these tips will help you get your dog prepared for the upcoming season.

duck hunting dog in training

a duck hunting dog heading out to retireve

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