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Outdoor Safety What You Need To Know!

Outdoor Safety Things You Need To Do!

This is for all outdoor people weather you hunt, hike, fish or just plain enjoy going out into the great outdoors.

 Here are some of the do’s that you should do.

First off plan your trip, know where you are going and all the different aspects of the area so that your prepared for whatever may cross your path. To many times the search and rescue are called out to help people who if the had done their homework first would not have needed help.  Almost every time I turn on the TV someone is being rescued because of them not knowing what is needed to go out in the area.  They are either not dressed properly, have no emergency supplies with them or don’t know the area and get lost. So do your homework it will be a lot less painful in the end.

Make your plan and stick to it. Also give a copy of your plan to someone and your time frame of when you are expected to return.  Then at least they will know where to start looking for you.  To many people just take off and are going for an afternoon hike well things happen that you cannot predict.  This also applies to all hunting trips that you go on especially if you are hiking into the area.

Check the weather for the time you are going to be away and plan accordingly for any weather changes.  Just because they say its going to be a lovely couple days does not mean that there cannot be weather changes that are unpredictable.

Take a backpack with sufficient supplies that could get you through a couple days extra from your original time line.  You should always prepare for a worst case scenario. Its great if you don’t need them but what a life saver if you do. You may need a fire, extra clothing, first aid all these things may come into play. Make sure you have good footwear, that is very important. Learn basic first aid.

a outdoor survival first aid kit

Know what you are capable of doing.  Are you an experienced hiker or a weekend warrior.  Take on what you know you can do safely.  Make sure you are conditioned for the long haul.

If you can always go with a companion.

Place close attention to your surroundings and landmarks which will relate your location to your map.

You Need To Know This Check it out…

For a List of Survival items Continue onto page 2…

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