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North Dakota Waterfowl Hunting!

Waterfowl Hunting In North Dakota What A Hunt Birds Everywhere!

North Dakota has an special Canada goose season to help reduce the amount of geese.  They set a large daily quota per person 15 birds. They do clean and process all the birds so there is not waste which is a good thing.

This month long season begins in mid-August, two weeks before the conventional September 1 start date for North America. Nearly a half-million Canada geese populate North Dakota and this exceeds the DNR’s goal by five times.  This is why they have this liberal limits.

A great experience still has to have all the right conditions like cooperative weather and a plan.  The hunting pressure is somewhat lower then in other parts of the US.

Typical set up consists mainly of full body decoys and field layout blinds located in carefully checked out areas. Early season are quite warms so heavy clothing isn’t a must. Going light definitely helps with setting everything up.














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