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July 20, 2015 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Need A Hunting Dog – Here’s How

Good Tips For A Great Duck Hunting Dog

This article has some very good points on when it comes time to get yourself and Duck hunting dog.

Not only will the dog become a good hunting dog but it will become your best friend . A friend of ours had a golden lab and he was amazing . He would do anything for his human.  He was the smartest dog I had ever seen. He not only fetched ducks he would fetch anything you asked of him.

If you forgot something outside and told him to go get it he would go and come back with it ; so amazing

Nothing better then a well trained dog.

Tips for a Great Duck Hunting Dog

Every good waterfowl hunter knows that a good dog makes all the difference in the world. Not only will they retrieve the birds for you, but a good dog will also learn how to scan the sky and will often identify ducks before you do.

The first thing you need to do will be to choose the right one.. You’re going to want to talk to reputable breeders and to duck hunters. Take full advantage of what the breeders have to tell you. They will help you choose the puppy that will fit into your family .

Prepare to spend lots of time with your new puppy. Not only is it not fair to expect them to spend all of their time in a crate, but it won’t create the kind of bond that you need if they’re going to be a successful duck hunting partner. In addition to bonding with them, you need to make sure they get plenty of exercise.

You need to be realistic about your ability to train the dog yourself. If you’ve never worked with a water dog before, you shouldn’t expect to handle the training on your own. It’s in both yours and your dog’s best interest to work closely with a trainer.

Don’t assume that just because your dog is going to be a duck hunting dog,  they don’t need to be obedient. They do. From a young age they should be able to stay in a crate for a period of time and sit quietly when they’re told.

Get your dog socialized. In addition to meeting many of different people, they also need to spend time working with other hunting dogs.

You can’t expect your dog to perform well during waterfowl season if they’re not in shape. Several months before the season begins create a work and diet regimen that will have them in tip-top shape when it’s time to hunt.

Article by : Jon Eaton

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