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May 25, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Mud Buddy Sport V44 Horse Power Outboard!

The Best Shallow Water Outboard Motor!

This is a review on the best outboard motor for shallow water duck hunting.  The Mud Buddy Sport V 44 will get you into the places that you want to go.  Great for mud flats, and shallow water.

Watching this will give you a great idea on what you would like in a motor for the places that you will be going.

You can shift between forward and reverse and it is done in a very convenient way. From top to bottom the sport V is built extremely tough, ahead of anything else on the market at the moment.  This outboard features a mid-section transmission designed with forward, neutral and reverse gears. Some of the other advantages include larger stronger gears, smaller profile lower drive unit and a super dry frame. The transmission is rated for over 300 horse-power, the transmission was designed by Arkmos Engineering and is strong, quiet and shifts with ease. Building this motor was an eight year project.

It sounds like they have put a lot of time and energy into making a fantastic product, which is nice for all of us who rely on getting from a to z.

mud buddy sport V 44 horse Outboard motor

Mud buddy sport V 44 Horse outboard motor going high speed

You have to see this outboard motor work…

Continue to page 2 to see the test they put it through…

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