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February 2, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Motion Duck Decoy Jerkline!

Do It Yourself Jerkline For Duck Hunting!

Here is a cost effective way of making a homemade Duck hunting  jerk line for your decoys.

The reason that you need a jerkline is when there is no wind to help the motion of the birds. The motion helps bring in the other bird to the decoy spread which is what you want to happen. So if the decoys are just sitting there in the water no moving the ducks will not come in they will think something is wrong.

Giving life to your decoys is just a matter of giving the string a few quick jerks.  This causes the  ripples which will mimic live movement. Do these quick jerks when you see birds coming in and they will give you the attention that you want.

You have to make your spread look inviting for the birds that maybe have just flown by or are up high and look like they may pass you by.




Crafty way of making your own equipment

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