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Mallard Duck Facts !

Here Are Some Cool Facts All About Mallard Ducks!

Found some cool facts about Mallard Ducks thought you might find it interesting.

It’s very interesting to know more about the habits of the ducks.  And it is good to know that there is not a shortage and that their population is doing very well.

Could be because the mallard is very flexible in its food choices.The majority of the mallard’s diet seems to be made up of gastropods, invertebrates (including beetles, flies, lepidopterans , dragonflies, and caddisflies), crustaceans , worms, many varieties of seeds and plant matter, and roots and tubers. Plants are by far the larger part of the mallards diet though.

We live on a lake and see the mating rituals every year it can be quite funny watching the performance. We bird watch quite a bit and often see the young swimming by with their mother during the evenings.

Mallard duck pair

mallard duck eggs

mother Mallard duck and ducklings



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