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Kansas Goose Hunting!

Goose Hunting Success In The Kansas Wheat Fields!

Scouting is number one in having a successful goose hunting experience in Kansas or anywhere.  There are plenty of ponds and lakes that they can pick from, so finding their favorite spots is your challenge.

Goose hunting in Kansas is in the Central flyways it also borders the Mississippi flyway. The largest watershed in Kansas is the Kansas River that runs west to east.

You need to know where large bodies of water exist as a means of predicting the flight paths of the geese coming in typically a straight forward north and south migration.  Also knowing where the wheat fields or pond are in those locations to best set of for the goose hunting.

Here is a list of relative locations of the largest bodies of water within effective distance of the Kansas goose hunting region on the eastern part of the state:

  • Benedictine Bottoms Wildlife Area
  • Clinton Wildlife Area
  • Hillsdale Wildlife Area
  • Jeffery Energy Center Wildlife Area
  • Milford Wildlife Area
  • Perry Wildlife Area
  • Turtle Creek Wildlife Area
  • John Redmond Wildlife Area
  • Fall River Wildlife Area
  • Marais des Cynes Wildlife Area
  • Melvern Wildlife Area
  • Neosho Wildlife Area
  • Toronto Wildlife Area
  • Centriala Lake

When you are planning your hunt from what I have seen is always have an alternative plan.  Even the best laid plans can get fowled up due to unforeseen conditions such as weather. This does not mean you will not have success just in a different situation.

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goose hunting

goose hunting

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