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Insights From Ducks Unlimited!

An Interview With Ducks Unlimited CEO Dale Hall!

Ducks Unlimited do more then just look after ducks.  They are involved in many aspects of caring for our wild life.

Here is one story that you will have heard about but there is more to the whole thing puts prospective on many things.

You will find also find that organizations such as guides and outfitters are one of the best conservationist there is.  They try hard to look after all the wildlife and their habitat.  They spend a lot of money keeping everything up.  I know from personal experience that the big game guides donated lots of money and time to look after herds of caribou in our area.  They actually participated in collaring them with the wildlife conservation officers. They were collaring them to keep track of where they were migrating to and make sure that they were protected if need be.

Most guide outfitters want to take care of the wildlife in their areas because without it they do not have a lively hood. They also have strict rules and regulations on what and how much they are allowed to take on a yearly basis.

I firmly believe that hunting and conservation can work hand in hand. I also would be the first person in the line if I found that the wildlife was being abused.

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