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Video-Duck Hunters Dedication!

January 25, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

How To Pick A Good Shot Gun Shell!

Do You Know The Best Shot Gun Shells To Use When You Are Duck Hunting?

Different shells for different ducks, that will get you the best results. This information will help you decide what is best for the type of birds that your are hunting for. It depends on the size of the birds and the distance that you are shooting.

Shot gun shells are the most important part of making sure that when you are shooting your waterfowl that you will get them.

The most common shots for waterfowl hunting goes from the smallest to the largest. No. 4,3,2,1,BB,BBB, and T. ┬áThe smaller size is recommended for smaller ducks the larger sizes are used for the larger ducks and geese. There is also different lengths 2 3/4″ , 3″ and 31/2″. Most prefer the 3 and 31/2″ shells that carry heavy shot for greater pattern density.





Some great pictures of ducks for you to see.

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