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Hottest Duck Hunting Spots !

Do You Know Where They Are ?

Just thought it might be nice to know the best area’s in the countries to go duck hunting. It can hep you plan a holiday hunt if you are in the planning stages. This will give you the best places to choose from. And for a variety of reasons certain spots are just simple duck magnets .

Knowing this can make for a better more exciting and successful hunt. You will be better prepared for the different locations and hunting conditions for the area that you are interested in. A lot of times hunting on weekdays is usually more productive than hunting on weekends less people pressure. Also  holidays and opening days for other game and when extreme weather keeps many hunters inside.

Don’t forget to look at all the different regulations and licenses in each area. They all differ especially from Canada to the United States.

Check these out have a great time…

15 Great Places to Hunt Waterfowl

When it comes to planning a waterfowl hunting trip, location is everything

While good waterfowl hunting can be found across this continent from the Arctic to the Everglades, there are certain locations that regularly attract extraordinary numbers of birds. These are the places that waterfowl hunters dream about during the off-season and where many of us hope to hunt at least once in our lives.

1. Southern Saskatchewan

By virtually any measure, Saskatchewan would rank high among North America’s best places to hunt waterfowl. The province is not only the continent’s most important breeding area for mallards, pintails, and other dabbling ducks but also a staging hub for Arctic geese and other waterfowl raised across the Far North. In certain areas of this province’s vast prairie-parkland region, it’s not uncommon to take large and small subspecies of Canada geese, white-fronted geese, light geese, mallards, and pintails in the same decoy spread.

Abundant species: mallards, pintails, canvasbacks, redheads, Canada geese, white-fronted geese, light geese

2. Eastern North Dakota

Whether you are pursuing Canada geese, light geese, dabbling ducks, or divers, you can find them in abundance somewhere in North Dakota. Located in the heart of the prairie Duck Factory, this state supported more than 8 million breeding ducks in 2009 and hosts even larger numbers of staging waterfowl during the fall migration.

Abundant species: mallards, pintails, gadwalls, green-winged teal, lesser scaup, Canada geese, lesser snow geese

3. Central Valley of California

Acre for acre, the Central Valley of California supports more wintering waterfowl than anywhere else in North America. At peak times, this region hosts 5 to 7 million wintering waterfowl—more than 60 percent of the Pacific Flyway’s ducks and geese. As you would expect, the high ratio of birds to habitat results in some superb waterfowl hunting. This is especially true on private duck clubs in places such as Butte Sink, Suisun Marsh, and the Grasslands. Good public hunting is also available.

Abundant species: pintails, mallards, wigeon, green-winged teal, Aleutian cackling geese,white-fronted geese, light geese

4. South louisiana

Any survey of North America’s top waterfowl hunting areas would have to include Louisiana. America’s Wetland—as south Louisiana’s coastal marshes are collectively known—supports upwards of 9 million migrating and wintering ducks on average. Some of the state’s best duck hunting can be found on the Chenier Plain in southwest Louisiana.

Abundant species: gadwalls, green-winged teal, blue-winged teal, pintails, mottled ducks, white-fronted geese, lesser snow geese

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