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Grilled Wild Duck!

Have You Ever Grilled A Wild Duck- Here Is A Recipe For You!

Wild duck is entirely different from tame duck. Meat color and flavor.

They are using fresh duck got that day.  Starting from the cleaning to the spicing and grilling. Hopefully no one will be upset by the sight of blood but that is the way it is done.

There is nothing better then fresh duck cooked outside. You can marinate it if you want the spices will have more time to infuse into the meat but sometimes you just can’t wait.

When cooking duck its a good idea to have a cold side and a hot side to your grill. That means piling all your coals to one side so the intense heat is in one area and the cooler side will give you the flexibility to move your food around to prevent overcooking and control any flareups that might occur.

Wild duck has less fat so you may have to add some oil to it to keep it from drying out.  On the other hand if it is more fatty because of good feed you may want to render a little of it out to crisp up the skin so you start my cooking it skin side down, usually on the cooler side of the grill.   This allows for minimal flare ups.  Once it is rendered to you liking move it over to the hotter side of the grill for crisping up.

Once its done, take it off and let it rest so the juices all go back to bird. After about fifteen minutes it is ready for slicing. resting your meat is the secret to a good juicy meal.  Enjoy!

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Great recipe and grilling…

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