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Great Duck Decoys !

All The Different Duck Decoys That Makes For A Great Hunt!

Duck Decoys  the importance of having good ones,  the right kinds and the right amount.

Making a good duck decoy spread is the combination of different kinds of ducks and different kinds of positions.

You need the moving ducks, the feeding ducks  and the resting ducks making it more attractive and real to the ducks flying in.

duck decoy spread  feeding ducks

Getting movement is very important making it look real.

duck decoy spread

There are many patterns that there are out there to set up your decoys in .  It all depends on you area, fields and water source.  There are decoys for all different kinds of situations.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Realism. One thing experts can all agree on is that realism is so important when setting your spread.  Today’s plastic decoys have incredibly realistic paint schemes that are just as detailed as the plumage of real live ducks.

Some duck hunters prefer not to put out a huge spread.  Some can’t afford the expense that it can occur.  Others don’t want to take the time to transport, deploy then once it done pick up, pack up and head home.

Most of the time a small spread will work just as well.  A couple dozen and a smart set up can get the job done.  It’s not having lots it’s setting them up the right way to get the best benefit. If the ducks can’t see the spread or it doesn’t look right they won’t decoy.

There are different occasions and conditions to set up your spread.

  • Slough Spread
  • Flooded Timber
  • Flooded pasture
  • Pothole Spread
  • River Spread

You also have duck decoys that are spread into dry fields along with goose decoys. Mixing and matching brings in great results.

Never Forget DUCKS are smart!!!

Here are a few different kinds of decoys for you to check out they are in all kinds of different position’s and some even have the motion that you need for realism. Even bags to pack them into.

MOJO Outdoors Baby Mojo Mallard Duck Decoy


Greenhead Gear Pro-Grade Duck Decoy,Mallard FeederPack,1/2 Dozen

Make your spread come alive!

Mojo Outdoors Flyway feeder (12 Volt)


Need a bag to pack them around to keep them in good condition and all together?

Mesh Decoy Bags – 2 Decoy Bag Bundle – Duck Decoy Bag – Goose Decoy Bag – Turkey Decoy Bag – DecoyPro


Merry Christmas


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