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Duck Hunting – Public Land!!

March 2, 2017 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Goose Hunt of Epic Proportions !

Goose Hunting In Kansas Amazing!

Goose Hunting at it’s best.  What an amazing day.  Anyone who is a waterfowl hunter would be envious. There are literally thousands of geese of all kinds, amazing.

Camouflage suits they are using are white painters coveralls. Laying there blending in with the decoys they have set up, they have approximately 1300 decoys of different kinds, incredible.

The primary goose populations occurring in Kansas originate from the Arctic regions of Canada, provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba and east tier states of the Central Flyway ,North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

Goose management in Kansas and the Central Flyway is one of success. During the early 1960’s slightly more than 200,000 Canada geese were observed during the winter surveys in the Central Flyway. In January 2001, approximately 1.25 million were reported.

It is just about time for our geese to be coming back in our area.  Spring is on it’s way.  We are in a flyway so as soon as we here the honkers we know spring is officially here.  They come through by the thousands before scattering around the northern parts of the country.

goose hunting kansas

goose hunting

dog fetching a goose

geese flying everywhere

You have to watch this video it is insane.  There are geese everywhere, by the thousands.


8 MAN LIMIT!!! EPIC Goose Hunting in Kansas 2017

Video by: FLAIR

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