Fly Fishing Chinook Salmon!

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Fly Fishing For Chinook!!

Fly Fishing British Columbia’s Skeena River For Chinook!!

British Columbia’s Skeena River some of the best fly fishing for chinook  anywhere in the world.  Between the chinook fishing and  scenery you are in the best of all places. This area has held the world record Chinook Salmon of 92 and a half pounds. So they get to be a fantastic size.

I have been there many times, you never get tired of the fly fishing or the view.  Sometimes on a slow fishing day you can get taken away by the scenery and  fishing almost becomes secondary.

Spey fishing is now a popular way of chinook fly fishing.   I still however use the traditional way with a 9 ft. rod.  Spey fishing looks like a lot of fun so one day I think I will be trying it.  Trying something new is a good thing so I’ll be looking into it this spring.

Where I live it is not fishing weather unless you go ice fishing.  All our lakes and rivers are frozen.  At this moment it is -30 Celsius or -22 Fahrenheit.  Supposed to get colder not happy about that.

For those of you who don’t know the Name ” The Skeena” means “River of Mists” from the Gitxsan People.

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Check out the beauty !!

Fishing for Chinook Salmon – British Columbia

Video by: CatchMagazine

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