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Duck Hunting Kansas Mallards!!

August 25, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Fantastic Hunt For Canada Geese!!

Great Hunting Success For Canada Geese!!

Incredible hunt the geese are everywhere.  They are set up so good and with the wind they are falling right into their lap.  There hunt is in Central Kansas with a whole bunch of friends and they are having a ball.

There are different sub-species of geese here  are some of what we have found:

  • Brant- have a dark chest and the white is limited to the neck, not the cheek.
  • Greater White-fronted Goose-  have a brown, not black, neck and lack the white cheeks and throat.
  • Snow Goose- whether the white or blue form, have an all-white head.
  • Crackling Goose- have a tiny, stubby, triangular bill. Greater White-fronted Geese have a brown, not black, neck and lack the white cheeks and throat. Most common in Western U.S. and Canada

Canada Geese tend to be smaller as you move northward and plumage tends to be darker as you move westward.

From what they  have said in the video they have been further distinguished so here is their list of sub-species:

  • Atlantic
  • Hudson Bay
  • Giant
  • Moffit
  • Lesser
  • Dusky
  • Vancouver

What I do like about this video that they explain is the way in which they use the geese that they have harvested.  I often wonder when we watch these video’s what do they do with such a big haul. I do like to see that it is all eaten.

When we go hunting we even keep the breast down.  My mother and grandmother both made down comforter and pillows for all of us.  You can’t beat them they are fantastic, warm and comfortable. The one I have must weigh ten pounds but wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Hunting geese

geese on the shore

Canada geese flying

setting decoys up for the geese

Check out this great hunt

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