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Hottest Duck Hunting Spots !

September 18, 2015 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Endless Flocks !

Duck Hunting – Chaos In The Skies !!

The hunters position themselves in blinds near river , lakes , ponds or in agriculture fields as this video depicts and agricultural field. The blinds are necessary to conceal the hunters because waterfowl have sharp eyes and can see colour. That is why the hunters wear camouflage and paint their faces with a dark colour.

Now they wait with the anticipation for daylight and the first sign of ducks to start coming in. Even the dog is excited waiting for the first shots to be fired.

All of a sudden the ducks are here , all hell breaks loose and  the guns are blazing .  The ducks are falling from the sky. The wave is over in a second and then they wait for the next one. Duck hunting at its best.

You got to see this…

North Dakota Dry Field Duck Hunt

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