Duck Hunting North Dakota !

Creek Duck Hunting !

October 19, 2015 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Ducks & Snow !

Duck Hunting In Below Temperatures !!

The last few week of duck hunting can either be the best or the worst. Ducks are at the peak of their migration and are heading for their wintering areas.

Most of the duck hunters have gone home done for the year but that leaves less pressure on the waterfowl for the more dedicated hunters. Even in the coldest weather fresh flights come into a spread of decoys. When they do come in a lot of time they are not familiar with the area or the food sources.  So they are more likely to congregate with other birds of the area.

So this gives you a much chance of a very successful hunt.

Read these tips…

7 Tips for Late-Season Ducks

Follow this expert advice to bag more birds during the final weeks of the season

It’s the fourth quarter and the game is wearing long. Energy levels are waning, equipment is broken, but the outcome of the “contest” still hangs in the balance. A good final effort can tilt the game in your favor, and fortunately, there’s plenty of time left to build on the score. I’m not talking football but duck hunting. The waterfowl season is drawing to a close.

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