Duck Hunting In January!

Duck Hunting Pintails And Mallards!

April 5, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting With The Robertson’s!

Morning Duck Hunting With The Phil, Jase And Si!

Duck hunting at its best.  The weather is on their side beautiful, a little chilly but that’s a good thing.

They are hunting in all sorts of area’s, swamps, rivers, fields. They are using their decoys and their calling skills to have a great hunt. Starting out in the dark getting all their decoys into place and finding a great vantage point to shot from.

If you are new to duck hunting or thinking about getting into it, the best thing you can do is find someone who is experienced at it and see if they will take you along and show you the ropes.  If you don’t know anyone you can watch videos and read, but the best is first hand experience.

Some of the important things to do is scouting your area for birds, along with cover for you to hunt from.  The time of day you go to hunt make sure you get there before daylight.  You have to have a good idea on how to do a decoy spread so that it will attract the ducks and look realistic.  And you have to be able to shoot competently, know your gun make sure you are comfortable with it.

Later on you may even want to get a dog to do your fetching for you.  They sure come in handy and they love it as much as you do.

jase jase1 jase3

They are having a fantastic hunt, lots of ducks…

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