Duck Hunting Seasonal Opener!

Tips and Tricks to The Best Duck Hunting Concealment!

October 19, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting With The Jace!

Another Great Duck Hunting Experience With The Robertson’s

Again the duck hunting is first class.  Calling the ducks in is incredible.  Just wave after wave of ducks they are definitely going to get their limits today. They are showing a few different hunts and the success that they enjoy. Calling seems to be the act of the day all different kinds they are really good. Much better then the noise that I make some times.

They have some of the most well trained dogs that retrieve the ducks for them.  It is amazing how good some of the dogs become.  They can retrieve just about anything.  We had a friend who had a golden lab and he would not only retrieve waterfowl he would retrieve anything you asked him to get.  It’s like he understood every word you said.  He would go get gloves if you asked him to and when we were picking huckleberries and had filled all our buckets.  We sent him back to the house to get another bucket for us.  We of course were within yelling distance to tell my mother to give him one but all the same we ended up with our empty bucket.

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Duck hunting with the Robertson's

duck hunting shot

duck hunting call

duck hunting in a punt boat

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