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July 7, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting Washington!

Great First Day Duck Hunting!!

Nothing like the first day of the season, looking forward to many more days of duck hunting.

There are so many duck and goose species available in Washington, that you really need to know your birds. The limits on ducks and geese are different according to species. A duck hunter must be able to identify the bird that he or she is aiming at usually in a split second before shooting.

If you cannot tell the difference then you had better start studying before going out and deciding to do some duck hunting.  There are lots of guides and books out there to help.  Although nothing like watching the real thing. Spend the time to just go out sit and watch the birds as they come in and go out. You will soon learn the different ways that they come in and the different looks.

Don’t forget to know your bag limit’s and get your licence, you need a special migratory bird hunting authorization. You have to use nontoxic shot and hunting is only allowed during specific daylight hours. So it is not just as simple as deciding well today lets go duck hunting, there are rules.

But after all that is looked after, let the fun begin. Even the dogs are all in.

duck hunting pond

duck hunting pond setting decoys

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