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Duck Hunting Tips For Duck Identification!

When You Are Duck Hunting Do You Know All Your Duck Species?

Identifying the Ducks when you are duck hunting is one of the most important part of your hunting knowledge.  You need to know how to identify then by sight and sound.  If you don’t  know then it can make you duck hunting experience very uncomfortable,  It can end up with hefty fines.

There are regulations that come out that tells you what ducks that you can take and pictures of each bird. You can also get other books that will give you their identification and other facts about their habits.

There are many other aids to help you identify the species of ducks that you are hunting. There are iphone App’s, Android App’s, Window’s 8 App all kinds of help now a days. So there is no need to make mistakes if you can help it.

There are Dabbling Ducks



Blue-Winged Teal

There are fourteen different species of Dabbling Ducks.

Diving Ducks




There are twenty-one different species of Diving Ducks.

Whistling Ducks



Black-bellied Whistling Duck

There are three species of Whistling Ducks.


You can access all these species with sounds on this link.

Click here


Here is another chart that you may find helpful.


For more tips on identification continue to page 2…

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