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Duck Hunting The Ultimate Prize!

Did You Know That Duck Hunting And Getting A Band Is One Of The Many Thrills?

In Duck Hunting getting a band on the leg of a duck is the ultimate prize. The bands on ducks and geese are among the most treasured mementos of the hunt. Killing a banded bird is special. They keep the bands and display them like a symbol.

The importance of the bands are more then just the jewelry aspect. Hunters who report their bands play a big role in waterfowl conservation. The reports provide an insight into the lives of the birds.

Duck banding started in 1914 and is continuing today, so far around 13 million ducks have been banded in North America.  Mallards have been banded the most around 7 million.  Blue-winged teal around 1.5 million, pintail and wood ducks 1.3 million, black ducks 1 million and the green-winged teal 500,000.

The recoveries and reports are actually quite good.

  • Mallards- 1 million
  • Black ducks- 160,000
  • Pintails- 147,000
  • Wood ducks – 140,000

There are rare ones recovered from some, around 2,000 per species from:

  • Cinnamon teal
  • Common goldeneyes
  • Buffleheads

Rarer still are bands  from:

  • Ruddy ducks-550
  • Long-tailed ducks-61
  • Eider- 10

So if you have a band from one of these birds you are a very lucky person.





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