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July 25, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting The Prairie Pothole!

Duck Hunting North Dakota’s Prairie Pothole Region!

Duck hunting in North Dakota is said to be the best duck and goose hunting in the lower 48.  They have a mix of ducks Mallards, Pintails, Teals, Widgeons and just about every other that travel the Central and Mississippi flyways.

The Prairie Pothole Region is the largest expanse of grasslands in the world.  It is called the Great Plains of North America, it’s name comes from the geological phenomenon that left its mark beginning 10,000 years ago, when the last ice age receded. In this area there was left shallow depressions which came to be known as wetlands all rich in plant and aquatic life.  This is what has supported the waterfowl and their numbers.

Much of North Dakota falls in the U.S. portion of the Prairie Pothole Region. Which makes the state a key breeding area and significant contributor to the waterfowl population. They call it the Duck Factory because it produces an incredible amount of ducks each season.

Geese and ducks will soon be starting to come down from the north in our area and it will be time to get the gear up and ready.  We live on a flyway and get massive amounts of geese and ducks coming through each spring and fall.

duck hunting

duck hunting

duck hunting

duck hunting

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