Thanksgiving Day – Duck Season !!

Making Your Own-Simple Duck Blinds!

October 13, 2015 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting The Columbia River!

Putting Our Skills To The Test !!

For most the Columbia River means salmon ,sturgeon and steelhead but for some the Columbia means winter-scoured solitude , its mercurial and often menacing nature ,plus its massive amount of ducks.

The lower Columbia remains one of the Pacific Northwest’s most attractive fowl magnets. Up to 100,000 ducks and thousands of geese winter along the Pacific Ocean. These numbers swell when storms push birds in from the Ocean. There are diving dicks such as canvasbacks and bluebills , and rafts of mallards and pintails.

The lower Columbia contains areas that have more then 35,000 acres of the tidal marshes , channels and sloughs which are protected within the Lewis and Clark National Wildlife Range.

So for the duck hunter it is one of the honey spots for hunting , even with the often violent weather. All of this takes place in an area quite accessible to the regions population. Sounds like duck hunting at its best.

So check it out…

Waterfowl Hunting: Waterfowl Evolution on The Columbia River

Video on page 2…

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