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Duck Hunting Arkansas 2016!

May 28, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting Small Watersheds!

Duck Hunting In Small Ponds, Creeks And Rivers!

Doesn’t matter if the area you are duck hunting in is large or small.  You can still have a great hunting experience. Most of these areas receive very little hunting pressure and hold birds all season long.

Don’t need a great big decoy spread, a few will do and it will do the job. Setting decoys up along creeks,can be fun and productive.  Ducks often come into specific spots on creeks to feed and sit so you can ambush them even without decoys but decoys seals the deal. The best way to find out which areas the duck frequent is to float down a few times and keep in mind where the best areas are so you can find them again. Make sure when you mark the areas that you will have a concealment place for you and your boat.

Hunting the smaller areas also is budget friendly you do not need expensive boats and other equipment.  You need a small boat, paddles and a few decoys. Another positive aspect of small water hunting you will have shooting all day long.

Most creeks hold birds all season long, they really move in, in the northern areas when the stagnant waters freeze.  Duck need the open waters and creeks keep from freezing due to their flow.

This is about the small pond experience and the fun they are having.

pond hunting scene

dog retreving on pond

pond hunting waiting for the birds

small pond duck hunting with dog

Having great fun…

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