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October 6, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting Seasonal Opener!

Duck Hunting Early Teal In The Midwest Season Opener!

Before duck hunting comes breakfast and what a breakfast it is.  Making me hungry. Lol.

September Teal hunting is one of the best ways to get the waterfowl season started.

duck hunting breakfast

Opening day for the early Teal, what an exciting day they are having. It has been a great duck hunt for just the beginning.  Much more to come, if the rest of the season continues like this.

The success of their hunt was partially due to their scouting the day before.  It is amazing how a little leg work can make suck a difference in success or failure on a hunt.

Any cooler weather in the northern prairies will get the birds moving southward bound. So its a great opportunity for the hunters  to take advantage of this early migration.  If you catch the migration at the right time the birds are everywhere and your chances of suscess are huge.

Taking on the Teal at the beginning of the season gets you geared up for the rest of the season when the big ducks come a calling.  The Teal take on both the large and small waters of any area.  They feed on aquatic plants and invertebrates in the shallower waters.

duck hunting dog

duck hunting decoys

duck hunting fly by

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