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Duck Hunting Rivers Tips And Tactics!

Duck Hunting Destinations A River The Perfect Place!

Duck Hunting Rivers may not be the most productive place but rivers have everything a duck needs. The first step you have to take is go scouting to see where the birds like to come into. You have to understand a little bit about the river so that you can make a smart set up for your decoys.

River hunting has one advantage there will not be as many hunters fighting for the same flock of ducks. But you will have to adapt to different strategies. One of the big differences is the river movement.  The birds like to come into a quiet area so that is what you have to look for calmer waters.

A point or sandbar jutting into the main flow will direct the flow away forming a calm area of water.

There are sometimes small lakes just off the river that used to be part of the river but as the river changed it got cut off. It is a perfect spot because the water has little to no movement and lots of cover.

duck hunting in a kayak with a dog

Sometimes there are two channels in a river take the one off the main flow it to will be a calm spot for the birds to come in and land.

River Duck hunting has been known to get a larger variety of species coming in so that means a little more variety to your decoys.  More creative picking different species. There can be Mallards, pintails, wigeons, wood ducks and even on occasion diver ducks.

A Lot of the time when you are hunting rivers you do not get a lot of time to get set.  The ducks come in quickly.  So you have to keep watch and stay alert and be ready at a moments notice.

Patience sometimes is required when it comes to hunting, you have to wait for the birds to come in from the fields after feeding.  They will spend a lot of their time where there is more food. But patience will pay off.

Cover near the river may be in short supply so you may have to set up your own. Depending on the location you are on the river, layout blinds work well but if you can a blind will work as long as you have good views to the decoyed area.

a upright duck hunting blind

To retrieve the birds you will need some form of boat.  If the bird falls into the fast moving water you may have to hustle to get it before it is gone. A dog would be good in the calmer water but fast water would not be the best idea. If you do use a dog make sure he has a life jacket in case he gets tired or into an area that he can not get out of easily. They get excited and just go.

River Duck hunting definitely has its challenges but it can be a lot of fun, you just have to be prepared for them all.

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