Duck Hunting With The Robertson’s!

Duck Hunting Alberta- Canada!

April 11, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting Pintails And Mallards!

Duck Hunting In North Dakota!

Crazy good duck hunting.  Thousands of ducks are landing in the bean fields, incredible.

Getting an early morning start, setting up the decoys, even the dog is getting in the act. Thank goodness for the dog he does a great job bringing in all the ducks.

North Dakota has some of the best duck hunting available anywhere. Pintails and mallards are the main ducks but you will find wigeons, green wing teal and other varieties of ducks with them. There are tremendous amounts of public hunting opportunities.  There are also some landowners that are receptive to having duck hunters on their land.

Decoys that are used are a good variety of field decoys, spinning wing decoys, flyers. Realism is the name of the game, you have to make the spread look as real as possible to fool the birds into coming in. Because you can hunt pintail and mallards at the same time decoy manufactures have taken this opportunity to make full body field setup for both mallards and pintails, giving the field bird hunter an opportunity to hunt both species at the same time.

By putting in the time scouting and doing your homework you can have a very successful hunting experience. Don’t forget to practice your calling, good calling can produce wonderful results. Even if it is just the basic three, the basic quack, greeting and comeback calls.

When the season starts the weather is usually fairly warm once into October it is generally cooler, snow flurries, rain so having a combination of lighter and warmer clothing is a good choice for everyone.You never know what will happen through the duration of your hunt.





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