Duck Hunting Mallards and Geese In Alberta!

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June 25, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting On The Snake River!!

Duck Hunting Mallards On A Fantastic Day Nothing Better!!

Most of the birds that are coming into the Snake river are ones that have migrated from Alberta, Canada and some from the other Canadian provinces. They come in because the Valleys in Idaho have warmer weather patterns for the winter.

The competition for duck hunting on the Snake River is fairly high in certain areas of easy access.  Most try to look for more difficult areas because it tends to keep the number of people down. The Snake River starts in Montana, comes down through Idaho and Washington, where it flows into the Columbia River.

Floating the Snake River and hunting ducks is really good and a lot of fun, it gets you into off shoot channels and other neat places.

Most of the ducks on the river are Mallards that is the most concentrated type.

To hunt any waterfowl you will need a federal waterfowl stamp.  This allows you to hunt pheasant, waterfowl and any other feathered hunting.

duck hunting the snake river

duck hunting on the river

duck hunting on a beautiful day

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