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May 16, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting On The Snake River Idaho!

Duck Hunting The Snake River With The Cold And The Snow!

They are duck hunting for greenhead mallards and wigeon’s just happen to be there too. After it gets colder hunting in the corn fields really brings in the ducks, get tons of shooting.

Duck hunting the snake river is good because the river holds a lot of birds throughout the winter. The climate is a little milder than on the mountains. There is also plenty of feed because of all the agriculture along the Snake River basin. Alfalfa, other green foods and corn.

The main duck is the mallard but you will find other ducks such as wigeon’s, golden eyes, a few diving ducks and the occasional wood duck ¬†and pintail.

The Snake river is all public property as long as you don’t go above the high-water mark onto private property. Duck hunting can be done anywhere you want on the river.

To access the river you may have to ask permission from a land owner but most the time permission is given just be respectful and all should go well. A lot of the time there will be signs giving “Sportsman’s Access”.

duck hunting call picture

duck hunting picture of all the ducks got on the hunt with the hunters

Watch the hunt !! A lot of fun ad ducks were had by all the participants…

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