Making Your Own-Simple Duck Blinds!

Ducks & Snow !

October 17, 2015 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting North Dakota !

Pothole Duck Hunting Great Fun !

There is no more of a sure thing them shooting over the small potholes that the mallards prefer for their day roosts. You can just sit and watch as wave after wave of ducks drop into the potholes.

You don’t need a lot of decoys one or two dozen floating decoys should do the trick. ¬†You have many blind options but I think the low profile blinds are the best.

North Dakota is one of the 10 states , two Canadian provinces and one Canadian territory that make up the Central Flyway. Much of North Dakota falls withing the Prairie Pothole region making the state a key breeding area. There is an estimated 4.1 million breeding ducks in North Dakota.

So Happy Duck Hunting – Check this out …


Mallard Duck Hunting – North Dakota Pothole Hunting

Video on page 2…

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