Duck Hunting Early Winter In Canada!

Duck Hunting Habitat Flats!

September 30, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting New Zealand!

Duck Hunting Weekend In New Zealand!

Duck hunting is popular everywhere there are ducks. The hunters are just as passionate doesn’t matter what country.

They have a great blind. Huge, lots of room and they have an electric duck caller.  Takes all the guess work out of calling.  I have never used one and don’t know anyone who has.  Not even sure they are legal in this country but definitely interesting.

They have a lab for their dog and she does a great job and when whe is not busy sits quietly and waits.

There are six huntable waterfowl in New Zealand.  They are The greater Canadian Goose, Black Swan,Paradise,  Grey and Shoveler duck and the all mightly Mallard. All their hunting is on private lakes and lands.  New Zealand also has very liberal bag limits to that it ensures you have a good hunt.

The blinds and decoys are all set up prior to you coming in for your hunt so all you have to do is bring your guns , ammunition and get yourself set up.  How cool is that, not the way we do it here but that’s okay.

Its kind of cool to see how they hunt in other countries. Hope you enjoy!

getting ready for duck hunting

duck hunting from the blind

duck hunting dog

duck hunting pond

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