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October 4, 2015 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting -Kansas !!

Absolutely Mind Blowing !!

They are hunting a crazy amount of ducks . There are 27 species of ducks that frequent Kansas. Fourteen species are known to actually nest there. With an estimated 20,000 pairs.

The number of ducks that migrate to Kansas is staggering . Through surveys they have counted the numbers to be around 2,081,000 annually.

They have declined a little since 1979 due to a change in their habitat but still seem to holding pretty strong.

The five most common ducks observed in Kansas include the Mallards , Northern pintail ,green-winged teal, gadwall , and the blue-winged teal.

So Duck Hunting is a live and well .

Amazing duck hunting…

Duck Hunting: When It’s Time, It’s Time – Fowled Reality

Video on page 2…

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