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August 25, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting Kansas Mallards!!

Duck Hunting Kansas In The Cold Of The Fall!

As usual scouting was the name of the game.  It will give you your best chance when getting your duck hunting area chosen.  It may be repeating what we have already stated by it’s just the plain fact, scouting gets the job done.

Ducks everywhere an insane amount of them.  They have a piece of equipment an ice eater that they use to keep the river open so the ducks have open water to land in.  Like shooting fish in a fish bowl.

The ice eater is designed to prevent ice from forming and it will help with decoy movement on the calmer days. It is designed for either fresh or salt water in all climate conditions.

They have a great dog to retrieve all the ducks that they are getting.  Nothing nicer then having a good dog.  They love the action as much as the hunters do.

Our Duck season will be opening soon, so looking forward to the fall.  Although right now the weather is really warm.  The ducks and geese will be starting to come down from the north around the first of September so we will see how it goes.

duck hunting

duck hunting flock

duck hunting river

getting ready for more duck hunting

duck hunting dog

Absolutely amazing duck hunting…

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