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December 1, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting In The Cold Of Nebraska!

Duck Hunting During A Massive Cold Front

Duck hunting in cold conditions can be made hard or easy depending on the prep work.  That means making sure that you have the right clothes and the right blinds that you can keep warm in.  You also have to be concerned about your dogs and make sure that they to are warm and comfortable.  Especially since they will be getting wet frequently, depending on your success. There are lots of neat shelters that will fit the job.

It’s really nice if you can have a permanent blind but most of the time the blinds have to be removed after each hunt.  So you will need blinds that are quick and easy to setup and take down.  It also nice to have a small area that you can cook a lunch or something warm.  If you can’t do that then there are some great thermoses that will do the job for coffee and warm soup.

I hate being cold so I try very hard to make sure that I keep cold to a minimum. Most the time successfully but there are times not so much. They are not only fighting the cold temperatures but the wind.  Wind is one of the worst it goes right through all your clothes and can make things miserable.




But they had a great hunt dispite the weather conditions and that is the main objective that most hunters strive for.

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