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October 2, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting Habitat Flats!

Some Of The Best Duck Hunting In The Country!

What are habitat Flats well they are duck hunting area’s set up for all to come to and hunt. This Habitat flat is situated in the famed Golden Triangle of Missouri. It has some of the finest and most well managed properties available.

This particular area is surrounded by Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Grand Pass Conservation Area and the Fountain Grove Conservation Area. Which makes it a fantastic duck hunting meca.

It is made up of flooded fields,moist soil marshes, sloughs , dry fields and live timber. They have left nothing to chance and have spared no expense.

The blinds are set up its just a matter of getting out there and having fun and a great shoot.

There are other areas that are also classified as Habitat Flats , they encompass the areas around Saskatchewan Canada to Arkansas and Kansas.

There are many different birds that come through to use these areas as a rest stop and for food.  Geese are another popular bird that is seen in these places.

The Habitat Flats also control acres of some of the finest whitetail deer hunting  and turkey hunting.

So as you can see these special areas are some of the best places in the country to have a spectacular hunting experience. Something for everyone.

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