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August 19, 2015 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting Gear !

Gear You Need To Have Tip’s & Tricks !

Duck hunting gear, what to get and how much ? You will need a few  things to make a successful hunt.

You will see what you need , you may have some of the equipment you will need, but seeing what others are using will give you a different prospective of what you might like to try. Especially for beginners this will give them the basic list of what to get and a little advice on how to use it.

They are always coming out with new and more efficient gear . Its nice to see whats new.

We have been hunting for years and have not bought new gear for a long time, so this is great for us. We are going to go and see where we can get some of these new items.

Got to watch this…


Duck Hunting 101: What you need to know!

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