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May 16, 2017 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting On A Full Moon!

Duck Hunting On A Full Moon, Is There A Difference?

Duck hunting success on a full moon has been said differs depending on your location. The timber hunts are generally more successful than a regular field hunt. They slowly make their way back to the timber when the sun comes up.

With the brightness of the moon it gives the ducks and geese more time to feed in the fields this is one reason that the open water hunts are less successful.

The longer they feed at night the less likely they will be up early and come into the fields at the usual times.   They are all full from the night before. This has made duck or goose hunting in the evening more lucrative.

The full moon seems to have an effect on most animals and humans. I have animals that go weird for a couple of days so there is no reason why the ducks and geese don’t feel the effects.

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duck hunting on the full moon

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