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October 23, 2015 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting For The Beginner !

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Duck hunting or any waterfowl hunting can be a little daunting for the beginner.  There is equipment that you have to have . You have to know your ducks by sight . You have to be able to call them in . Know where and how to place your decoys. All kinds of little things that most of us have learnt by trial and error.

If you know someone who is experienced it would be nice just to tag along with them and learn the ropes.

If not here are some of the basics for you to start with this teaches you what gear you will need to start. Which is number one. Good equipment will mean the difference between a good hunt and a not so good hunt. And that’s what we want to avoid.

So check out this list…

10 Things A Beginning Duck Hunter Must have

I didn’t have a whole lot of guidance when I got into waterfowling 20 years ago, and so in my first few seasons, I wasted money buying things I didn’t really need.  In most cases, I bought things that were helpful, but simply weren’t necessary.  In other cases, I bought things that were literally useless and a waste of money – and I didn’t have much money to spread around.

It’s true that some of the most successful hunters I know shoot 30-year old guns and wear blue jeans and frayed brown sweaters in the duck blind.  Getting into the “intangibles” of their success has been the subject of many, many great books about waterfowling.

Waterfowl hunting is an expensive pursuit, and as the average age of American hunters increases, the pursuit is only getting more expensive.  Purchasing “the right gear” can be a new hunter’s budget killer if you let the advertising  lure you in.  Don’t do it – but don’t do nothing.   To be successful, you’re going to need some stuff.  Not all of the stuff.  Just some.  This is strictly a gear list, so here you go:

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